Sunday, May 25, 2008

so maybe I'm back

Howdy Ether,

Since they changed this thing to Google, I've been a little weirded out. I had started to use MySpace more, thinking it a great tool for spreading my music, but am wondering more and more if it is. Still... I got too busy, could only focus on so much internet involvement and opted out of this blog for a time. Of course it didn't help that I really couldn't figure out how to log in and keep it going under the new regime.

Well, Dolli just helped me and here we are.

The interesting thing I found, that inspired me to write was this: On MySpace I made a new friend, a really talented young guy in Seattle named Shane Curry (yes just like the murdered Cincinnati Bengal). He is a wonderfully talented and unique musician, reminding me of Harry Nilsson. A young version, hopefully destined to grow older, wiser, better, and not as soaked in alcohol, but yes, wonderful.

We'd write, he'd allege something or other, I'd be a big brother advocating
for the devil and then , interestingly, started to realize more and more that I AM, in fact, older, and some of he 'wisdom' and knowledge I carry, while great comfort to me at this stage, is ABSOLUTELY AND WITHOUT QUESTION NOT MEANT FOR ANY APPLICATION BY THE YOUNG... nor would they likely do so even if they wanted to. But that's probably another blog, or book, or song cycle... or something.

Anyway, I really like this kid and his music. Then one day, he posted a bulletin on MySpace that said something to the effect of "Goodbye MySpace. It was grand!" And that was that.

This sparked some interesting revelations here. As I said, I've been busy, but I decided today, for some reason to see if I could detect Shane's presence anywhere else, and as I Googled him, I found a blog. Now he hasn't made an entry since December, and perhaps if he's gone on to Facebook or some such other networking group it might not be listed when Googling.

That said, I decided to write him a comment (he has no other comments on the blog, perhaps a reason he's seemingly abandoned it) in the eve
nt he might see it:

A little curious as to your whereabouts, Miss Lonelyhearts. I was convinced that the internet provided us with a renaissance of literacy and intimacy. Letter writing was reborn. Without the discomfort of being in the same room with air, furnishings and dust being distractingly moved about, we could avert all gazes and speak what we're thinking. Dangerous and often misused? Of course, but still... an opportunity for something that never occured to me was as impermanent as a best friend moving to another town in 4th grade, never to be seen, maybe never to be thought about again after a remarkably short period of mourning (or not). Interesting.
And here I see an effort to communicate and connect, yet abandoned thus far this year. Well, maybe you check in occasionally, or this post will trigger a note to you. in any event, listening to Dumb Angel as I hope and trust you're doing well, little brother,

OK so this post is simply speaking to how relationships on the internet may be unique in their genesis and dynamic, but are still written by people with their personalities and changes in their lives and all the verities and fickleness that will occur as a result.

I'm truly not hurt, but I do find this incredibly interesting.
OK, maybe I'll be back again, now that I know how. We'll see.

But look occasionaly for Shane Curry. He's really something, folks.

All the best,

Big Baby