Friday, October 09, 2009

Healthcare Reform

OK, there are a lot of arguments, a lot of jaded, politically motivated crap muddying the waters. My position is that we MUST get something in place, period. Then it can be tweaked. Social Security, Welfare, Medicare and Medicaid have all been altered, fixed, messed with over the years. Let's just get started for God's sake.

But in this forum, today, a note I received from an old high school friend. Her husband, in his upper 50s, with beautiful daughters and a great wife, has a heart that doesn't work anymore. He's been hooked up to an LVAD. If you're a Grey's Anatomy viewer, it's the machine Denny was hooked up to while he awaited a heart for transplant.

Here's the note my friend sent me yesterday:

Howdy Harv....that's how we talk out West. We may be in Ohio in a few weeks/months if ---- can get stabilized on his LVAD. Pretty sure we're going to Cleveland Clinic. My sister-in-law has a house in Aurora we can use.

I'm assuming that you and Dolli are in favor of sweeping health reform. I'm really finding out how bad our system is. We pay $1300/mo for health insurance and have a $5 million lifetime cap. Good so far or ---- would already be dead (this hospital would have never taken him without a comparable plan).

So even though we've been told we have one of the best plans around, there are no contracted Physical Therapy providers in Spokane (so no Cardiac Rehab) and our co-pays are running about $150/week for Clinics, meds, etc. That brings us to $1800/mo which is OK because his bills are over 200K so far.

We're lucky because we don't have to think about bankruptcy yet. Most people we've met in similar health positions have sold everything they can to make a dent in their bills. They are honorable people who don't want charity but are losing everything. Waiting room talk is all about money not about rest and healing. I want to go home! OK, I'll stop whining but this health care thing is so crucial. Spread the word! I've been reluctant to talk about it on FB since it's too public (and such a draaag) but maybe I should. May see you soon.......XOXOXOXO

So one story from one end of the spectrum. Then look at the stories of those with a broken ankle, a kid with some violent flu symptoms, cancer patients stuck coming on and off Cobra after losing their jobs with no one who will now insure them. Then what happens?