Friday, November 21, 2008


I want to be filled with joy...

- Joy over the years of strengthening Mark did with his life force so that it might rocket to the heavens.
- I want to be happy that Mark feels no more pain, that these last
four years have brought him varying amounts of joy, music and love to go along with his suffering, suffering that's no more.

- I want to feel so very grateful for the years I managed to travel a path that involved Mark, to experience what was the most singular of experiences one could enjoy, that of Mark Richard Price.

- I want to remember with a smile the Tin Huey gig at which Mark played a riff so ridiculously complex, creative, and so remarkably uncalled for, that we all stopped playing, screamed, maybe threw a couple things at him, probably pushed or punched him, then resumed playing the song.

And I do... all the above.

And yet I'm so very, very sad for me, because my Mark isn't here anymore. For all the above and all the good spiritual events that may have taken place leading up to and since his earthly death, what I suffer is the inability to speak with him, to see him, to laugh with him, t
o actively, in a physical realm, love him.... this, of course, also includes yelling at him.

I'm sad for everyone else who no longer has access to Mark by picking up a phone or walking into his room, or getting on a plane, picking him up at the airport, or opening our door and seeing that smile only he had.

I'm so sad. So very, very sad... and so, my friends, is Swensons, and some lonely assed Galley Boys.

Any offerings , by request of Mark's brother Stephen, should be made to Hospice by the Bay up by his place in San Rafael , CA.

or direct to the contribution page:

Golly kids.