Thursday, November 16, 2006


Update to this posting from last week to reflect:



From My Space Friend

Cowboy Roy:

You: Goats?
Me: Yes.
You: Why goats??
Me: I have no idea!!

So yeah, we've decided to throw a small BBQ for the heck of it, but at the moment, we're still trying to rent a goat. So if you know anyone that is willing to rent us their goat for a couple of hours, lemme know!!

**luv and lemonade**
-cowboy roy :)

Ed Note: Roy, a young feller of the Philipino persuasion, used to work with us in NY a lot, until his head popped, he became a walking, talking embodiment of Spring Break, and has been now, for several years, while keeping a place in the city, living mostly in Hawaii, sound mixing (he's small enough to hide in the back of an SUV) on 'Dog: The Bounty Hunter' for A&E

Dearest Boy,

Dolli and I would love to come but, in case you weren't conscious of it over there on your little atoll... but then again, perhaps the subconscious motivation behind the goat theme... Saturday is going to be the biggest day EVER, period. OSU v. Michigan. Number 1 agin' Number 2. Undefeated meets undefeated. Mac and Cheese v. liquid pork in a pitcher.

In honor of this day, we traveled to Sam's Wines in Chicago and picked up 2) bottles of Laphroag 15, 2) bottles of Bowmore 'The Darkest,' and 1) bottle of Mortlach 15 (they only had 1 left). This will be consumed starting at 3:30PM EST along with 14 pizzas, 14 wings, and 14 Milwaukee's Best by my pal Scott (who has been a successful recovering alcoholic for like 7 years, so I guess he'll just drink coffee) and me while Dolli and the puppies, no doubt, will be crafting to Buzzy Linhart tunes in the kitchen.

This will, sadly, make it unlikely that we'll be able to attend your Porcupine and Pork roast 4500+ miles away on Sunday, as we'll be turning our house over to the authorities here in Ohio as a post game field triage unit.

But then again, one never knows. We've been known to be spontaneous in the past. You should have been here the day we just grabbed up our buddy Chris, with no notice, went yard saling, rocked into Barberton, Ohio (THE Magic City) for some real, lard dipped "Barberton Fried Chicken" and then drove like bats out of hell in our Beetle convertible ALL THE WAY to another hamlet for some Rosatti's frozen custard, then back to my place for Cokes and lines of crushed up Lipitor. Woo Hoo!!! It... was... wild dude!! I'll tell ya, Roy, after freeing up from 20 constricting years in New York, life in Akron is constantly operating right on the tightrope. Hell, pretty soon, you'll be doing a travel episode with your A&E guy 'Hump' or whatever his name is, tracking old Harv through the still dangerous and teaming with Redskins trails along the Ohio and Erie Canals. Wouldn't that be somethin'? Best bring chocolate and nylons along with your jerky and other provisions. Yes!!

So yeah, maybe you oughta send us those directions. Dolli's been hankerin' to come back to Hawaii ever since she won that MTV- Win- a- Week- in- Hawaii- with- DEVO contest back in the 80's. It was fabulous for her to travel those thousands of miles to hang with these guys that lived 4 blocks away back home.

If we do come, I'll just jump over to central PA. before our flight so we can bring a big bucket of Scrapple to fry up in that exotic pit you people cook everything over while playing drums and doing female pelvic exercises and shit all the time, like we seen in the 007 films down at Harry's Movie and Corn Emporium.

If we don't make it, you brown skinned kids have a great time, suck up some Poi and drink about 5 dozen Strohs' in our honor and always remember:




Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Peeve de la semaine

This is one of the times where being incredibly happy with so much bounty in my life is making me feel weirdly pressurized, like my head might pop a leak:

Heather RIP

Last Thursday, my ex put to sleep my sweet li’l girl of a puppy, my Welsh Corgi, Heather. It was time and she mercifully arranged to have the Vet do it as a house call. I had always said that it would be the actual visit to the Vet’s office that would kill Heather, her heart raced so whenever we even pulled into the parking lot. So I thank Lauren for that. I’ll forever be grateful.

I loved Heather a lot. She was a wonderful little prize and I continue to miss her.

Karin Berg RIP

On the same day we lost Heather, Karin Berg, the woman who made all my dreams come true by signing Tin Huey, bringing us to the Ultimate Bunny Hutch, Warner Brothers…. died. She’d been sick for a long, long time. I stayed in touch, as did many, I think. I wish I had done a bit more. Chris had the idea, last time Half Cleveland played in NY, that we might go to her place (she was a shut in) and play a little set for her, bring some bagels, make it a NOT-JAZZ Brunch. We dropped the ball on that, and now can’t get a re-do.

She and I wrote about shut-in stuff: Netflix movies, and our favorite TV shows. She turned me onto “Everything I’m Cracked Up to be” a book by Jen Trynin, another Warner Brothers ne’er-do-well who I’ve been in touch with as we couldn’t be more kindred spirits… at least in the sense of shared experience. Karin is in the book under the pseudo of “Lola.”

Karin was known for some incredible signings to Elektra and Warner Brothers, as well as being heralded for her smarts in NOT signing bands. You can do a search and read tons about all this. Signing us? Not so smart. But between doing so and being my friend for many years, she’ll always be in my heart, and I’m sad about this passing.

I’m so sorry, Mark

My old school chum since Kindergarten, Mark Goldstein just lost his wife. Younger than us. I didn’t know her well, but it’s very close, has happened along with all the rest in a really condensed period of time.

I see how, in getting older, these kinds of weeks will be more frequent, as long as I manage not to become part of one. I’m getting more used to it, more resolved to these goings on and by no means surprised by much of any of it, so far. After losing my daughter in a way that surprised beyond surprise, I’m both jaded when it comes to seeing people go, and frustrated by the fact that it’s just not gonna stop… ever.

On the good side, and it's an enormous one, I adore my wife, a great and singular woman, my unique home that feels so like a home, my dear, dear family and friends- don’t get me wrong, I’m also grateful and appreciative of every minute Mark is with us- and my pups, Eddie and Debbie. I am finding a minute here and there to play a little music, embarking on a new project this past August unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Very exciting. This time is wedged between my active enjoyment of all the above bounties in my life, and the fact that my business in NY, Gold Teleproductions celebrated an October, the first October in our 20th year in biz, with an unprecedented number of shoots, so I’ve been very, very busy. My Doc gave me an excellent report on my health, and while I will have to probably get a new tooth bonded in, as I write this, they’re still all mine.

But I walk through this Shangri-La for a minute, with a head feeling the pressure of the sadness this kind of loss brings. It’s a barometric sadness, breathing is different, different muscles are tensed against the winds of despair. Need a little Ibuprofen and it makes me a little tired too.

I’m a lucky and grateful man.